Happy 40th Anniversary to the Nevada Stamp Study Society


Reprinted from The Post Boy, August 2015, Volume 48, Issue 8, Newsletter of NSSS

Early History (1975-1979) of the Nevada Stamp Study Society
Written September 1979 by Post Boy editor Doug Willick

It was just four short years ago that the Nevada Stamp Study Society had its first meeting at the Ormsby Public Library in Carson City. Since that time, we have gone through many changes, had many enjoyable moments together and have solved many of the problems that have arisen.

The first stamp show put on by the NSSS was held at the Ormsby Library on May 15 and 16, 1976. The show winners were Laura Wilhite, first place, Dick Dreiling, second place and Emma Vilardi, third place. It was in February of 1976 that the logo that you see at the head of the POSTBOY was first used. The cut is from an old Pony Express advertisement and the set up was done by Peter Blackmore.

In August of 1976, the NSSS experimented with holding Thursday night meetings as well as the regularly scheduled Saturday meetings. The experiment was soon cancelled after only two months because of lack of interest.

In September 1976 Tony Amaral who was the club’s first president had to resign because of his move to the Southern California area. Ruthe Dreiling served as president pro-tem until the 1977 elections. The 1977 Spring Show was held at the Carson Community Center in Carson City. The show was highlighted by a Court of Honor display titled “Nevada Postal History” by Doris Bradley. Some of the award winners at this show include the following: Gold medals were awarded to Laura Wilhite, Emma Vilardi, and Ruthe Dreiling. Silver medals were awarded to Steve Martell, Doug Willick and Wilma White. Bronze medals were awarded to Nellie Hastings, Russ Thayer, Al Greene and Dick Dreiling. The junior award winners at this show were Tesa Dreiling and Jim Connors. The visitors at this show had a chance to vote for their choice of exhibits and the most popular award was won by Ruthe Dreiling’s exhibit of “These United States.”

The 1977 elections were held in August and Laura Wilhite was elected President and Emma Vilardi was elected as Secretary-Treasurer. Charlotte Martin was appointed to the Board of Directors to fill out the vacancy left by Laura.

In September of 1977 the readers of the POSTBOY received an unexpected bonus. The POSTBOY was mailed in a FDC using the First Civil Settlement in Alta, California stamp. Dick Dreiling took all of the POSTBOY’s to San Jose where the First Day ceremonies were being held and mailed them out there so they could receive the first day cancellation. Later in the year, Dick also wrote a very nice article on the First Day Ceremonies that were held.

The year of 1978 could be called the “year of changes” since so many changes were made that affected each and every one of us.

The NEVPEX ’78 show was held at the Carson Community Center and my files for that period are incomplete so I am unable to report on who the winners at that show were. In mid 1978 the NSSS went through some trying times and for a period of some six months nothing much was accomplished by the NSSS. Let us hope that that period of time never be repeated because of some hard feelings that are the results of that time when each and every one of us failed to do our duty to the club as a whole.

In September 1978 the NSSS got back on track again and started to operate again. Laura Wilhite resigned as President and the Board of Directors asked Ruthe Dreiling to again serve as interim president, which she graciously accepted at a very trying time. The Board also decided that future meetings of the NSSS would be held in Reno instead of Carson City. Ruthe arranged for the NSSS to meet at the Riverview Room of the Riverside Hotel and it was a beautiful place. I must acknowledge that the move to Reno did not sit well with August 2015 4 many persons in the Carson City area, but by this time they have now accepted it as fact even though they might not like it.

The POSTBOY again resumed publication of September of 1978.

In November of 1978 the meeting place was moved to the University of Nevada through the actions of

Sam Goudsmit. This is a beautiful meeting place and we still meet here.

In December of 1978 Emma Vilardi had to resign as treasurer for personal reasons and Maggie Fuji also resigned as secretary. Lois Willick volunteered to take over as secretary-treasurer until the 1979 elections.

Throughout, this period of time plans were being made for NEVPEX ’79.

The first half of 1979 were mainly concerned with plans for NEVPEX ’79.

Addendum – More history from 2006 article: The NSSS has hosted several shows that qualify as national shows, the first being the National Convention of the American First Day Cover Society in 1981. This was the year Dick Dreiling started as show chairman. and has been responsible for or played a major role in our shows ever since. At that show the Protection of Wildlife Habitats, a se-tenant block of four (Scott # 1924a), was issued. These were the first stamps ever issued in Reno. A Spring Meeting of the American Philatelic Society (a World Series of Philately show) was hosted by the NSSS. Also hosted by the NSSS was the National Convention of Universal Ship Cancellation Society and the American Topical Association (twice). At these shows two of the Transportation coils were issued. The Buckboard (#2124) and the Ambulance (#2128). The Peach (#2487) and Pear (#2488) stamps were issued at another NSSS show.

In addition to our stamp show the NSSS has been active in the Reno National Air Races (selling covers at a booth), and the NV State Fair (exhibit frames & welcome table). Small exhibitions have been placed around the city in libraries and post offices. And the NSSS has always promoted a “Junior” program to develop interest in stamp collecting among the youth of our area.