Ideas Your Club Can Use

Reprinted from the July 2014 Courier.

The San Jose Stamp Club is expanding our hospitality at Filatelic Fiesta this year. Last year we premiered this idea and want to build on it. As you may recall, we hosted an area
which included:

  • Table with stamp club fliers
  • Free coffee & donuts in the morning; water & baked goods in the afternoon
  • PC showing presentations on early US commemorative issues
  • Chairs to sit and relax or chat w/ a friend
  • Philatelic items for sale by the SJSC and its members

A primary element of this was it being staffed by club members who are tasked with engaging show guests in conversation. We coached booth staff to talk to guests about what they collect and where they are from. Staff then tries to interest them in visiting their local stamp club.

We members of the SJSC believe that someone being personally invited to visit a club is SO much more effective than a passive table with a bunch of fliers. The SJSC got one new member from my inviting them to come visit during my time at the society table during WESTPEX.

Collectors come from all over the Bay Area to attend Filatelic Fiesta, so we want to give the other local clubs to participate in recruiting new club members. This is especially important for the clubs who do not host their own show.

The San Jose Club is planning several improvements this year:

  • Reserve frame space for 4 page “club introductions” — what do want someone to know about your club?
  • Frame space near the hospitality area to gives clubs a chance to introduce their
    club to show guests
  • Incorporate the APS Stamp buddies program
  • Put up better signage that EVERYONE is welcome to come have a coffee & donuts.