Stamp Quiz from Australia

Quizzes are fun games to offer in your club’s newsletter or you can make it part of a contest for a meeting and offer prizes for the best knowledge of stamp history.

Here is a quiz on Australian stamps.

December Quiz from Australia
by Stan Cronwall
Publish in December 2015 issue of the “Post Boy.”
Nevada Stamp Study Society
1. Joseph B. Chifley is honored on a 10 cent stamp issued in 1975.What was his claim to fame?
a. Discovered Tasmania
b. Australian Prime Minister
c.Wimbledon Singles Champion

2. A 1948 stamp honored a youth group.What is the name of the group?
a. Barrier Reef Preservation Volunteers
b. Sea Scouts & Explorers
c. Boy Scouts

3. A 1929 issue marked the centenary ofWestern Australia.What bird is featured on that stamp?
a. Moa
b. Black Swan
c. Emu (and you won’t stink!)

4. What British hero appears on a 1965 commemorative issue?
a.Winston Churchill
b. Roger Bannister
c. Fred Perry

5. The 1937-1946 definitive set shows an Australian animal on the lowest value.What animal is depicted?
a. SaltWater Crocodile
b. Koala Bear
c. Kangaroo

6. A royal couple visited Australia in 1954 and was the subject of a three stamp set?Who were they?
a. King George VI and Queen Mary
b. Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh
c. King Edward VII and Mrs.Wallace Simpson

7. Australia’s Parliament House is shown on a stamp issued in 1927.Where is it located?
a. Canberra
b. Sydney
c. Perth

8. What famous explorer is the subject of 1970 set of stamps plus a souvenir sheet?
a. Captain Nelson Bligh
b. Captain Horatio Hornblower
c. Captain James Cook

9. In 1961, a famous opera singer was honored on a commemorative stamp.Who was it?
a. Dame Nellie Melba
b. Dame Lanie Cantrell
c. Dame Sarah Brightman

10. Australia issued a 1963 commemorative stamp to mark the centenary of what organization?
a. InternationalWildlife Federation
b. International Red Cross
c. The British Commonwealth

Over the years, Australia has issued only eight airmail stamps. Seven of the eight designs have featured a globe or the hemispheres.What does the other design show?a. An airplane over bush lands
b. An airplane over the Pacific Ocean
c. An airplane landing

You will have to check out the next issue of the Post Boy for the answers. in January.