October President’s Column

Fellow Collectors: First, I hope the fires stayed away from everyone’s stamp collection. My home security is not for theft but for fire. The possible thief wouldn’t know the straw from the chaff and wouldn’t have time to take it all. The fire would burn it all.

With that said, it’s time to gear up for shows. East Bay will just be over, but SACAPEX, Filatelic Fiesta and PENPEX are in the next six weeks. All are worth going to.

Next, the dark days of winter, I feel, are the times to mount stamps, to organize covers and to winter-clean the stamp closet or shelves. It is the time to draft/organize exhibits and to prepare want lists. It is the time to set aside extras for the youth tables at the spring or summer shows.

Late fall and winter is the time of the year to be thankful for our hobby and for the joy it brings us, to be of good cheer with family and friends and to set goals (resolutions) for the next year.

Best Wishes for a wonderful holiday season with family and friends,

Larry Crain