Other Council News

Jo Skinner to Retire from FWPL Board

Jo Skinner has been associated with the Western Philatelic Library for more than 40 years. At the May FWPL Board Meeting, Jo announced her intention to step down from her position as Treasurer of FWPL, Inc. at the end of this year, or sooner if a replacement is identified. Jo has served as Treasurer for as long as anyone else can remember. Best Wishes for a well-earned retirement

COALPEX Announces It is Closing Down

The COALPEX Leadership Committee announced it will not be renewing the lease on the City of Walnut Creek Community Activity Building for its annual stamp show in June.

General Chairman Dave Epps, Bourse Chairman Jim Dempsey and Exhibits Chairman David McNamee thank all of the volunteers, the dealers, the exhibitors, and the patrons for their support these past three years. The attendance numbers did not reach a sufficient number to justify the efforts of all involved.

This does not preclude another group from continuing the show either in Walnut Creek or another East Bay location. The funds remaining after all bills were paid were turned over to the Council Treasurer.