Charting the Future of WESTPEX

Clyde Homen, the new Chairman of the Board of WESTPEX
Clyde Homen, the new Chairman of the Board of WESTPEX

shared his thoughts and as he began the process of reviewing WESTPEX operations.”

I want to be certain that WESTPEX remains the premier stamp show in the World Series of Philately circuit,” he said. “Volunteers are the most important resource we have — their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm are what makes this show the success it is. I would be remiss if I failed to recognize also the tremendous contribution to WESTPEX success by our fantastic corps of dealers.”

“I want to build on the excellent foundation created for us by Ed Jarvis.”

“My immediate goal is to provide our volunteers, especially those new to the WESTPEX traditions, with the guidance won from the experiences of our Team Leaders and long-time volunteers. Every one of our nearly 50 volunteers needs to know what to do when to do it, and who else to work with to accomplish their tasks.”

“I’m in learning mode now. It is too soon to suggest changes to our format and operations, but it will be useful to me (and I hope others as well), if we can create a master schedule of our tasks. The biggest risk in a change of leadership is the many things that were introduced to our operations but never written down.”

Clyde is working on two things that have not been previously addressed: A Long Range Plan that incorporates identifying and developing volunteers that will be our future leaders, and a Contingency Plan in the event our contract with Marriott is terminated. Both of these planning documents will ensure the continuity of WESTPEX for the next generation — if we still have stamp shows then! Recent additions to the Board will be very helpful building both of these plans. “My job is to help others succeed,” he said, “and to make sure we all have fun doing it!”

Clyde is a retired teacher. He has dedicated his working life to helping others achieve their goals. Seems like a good quality to have in a new Chairman.