The new Vice Chairman of WESTPEX, Daryl Reiber, was introduced by Clyde Homen to the 50-member WESTPEX Committee of volunteers at the March 26 final contact meeting prior to the show April 27-29, 2018. WESTPEX is hosting a number of specialist societies with 60-odd seminars and meetings, most open to the public. The featured societies include the American Airmail Society, the Rhodesian Study Circle, and Women Exhibitors. If for no other reason, you should go to WESTPEX for some of these meetings and displays. Tables will be set up for information on these and other stamp societies. Stop by and chat. On Thursday (the 26th) before WESTPEX officially starts, the organization Women Exhibitors will conduct an all-day seminar with presentations covering the full range of exhibiting experience open to both men and women.

WEFest VI will feature 6 presentations:

  • “You’ve Had Your Arm Twisted to Exhibit — Now What?” with Larry Crain
  • “Adding Old(er) Material to an Exhibit: What, Where and How” with Pat Stillwell Walker
  • “Layout Challenges in Exhibiting” with David McNamee
  • “Types of Postal History Exhibiting: Purpose and Plan” with Tony Wawrukiewicz
  • “An Opportunity to Exhibit Anything” with Tim Bartshe
  • “An Exhibit Judge for a Day” with Liz Hisey.