New Council Judges

New Council Judges Ralph Nafziger from Oregon and Mark Woodward from Redding are the latest to sign up for training as a Council Certified Philatelic Judge. Their first experience will be as part of the jury at SOPEX.

When you train as a judge, you get a better understanding of exhibiting techniques. Exhibiting makes you a better collector by training you to be selective in what you collect, as well as teaching you about the rich philatelic background of your subject. Judging makes you a better exhibitor because you learn how to organize your thoughts and communicate why you collect and exhibit what you do.

To sign up for judges training, contact David McNamee at

  • RENO STAMP SHOW JULY 28-29, Reno, NV Judges: Dzintars and Vesma Grinfelds
  • WINEPEX OCTOBER 5-7, San Rafael Judges: Stephen Schumann + David McNamee
  • EBCC SHOW OCTOBER 27-28, Walnut Creek Judges: Behruz Nassre + Akthem Al-manaseer
  • SACAPEX NOVEMBER 3-4 Sacramento Judges: Nestor Nunez + Bob Grosch
  • PENPEX DECEMBER 1-2 Redwood City Judges: Nestor Nunez + Bill Barlow