President’s Message: State of the Council

As we wind down 2018, let me review the year from the point of view of the Council of Northern California Philatelic Societies. OK, let’s admit Northern California has grown to include Western Nevada and Southern Oregon, and it extends south to Fresno. It includes 23 stamp clubs and the Western Philatelic Library.

The Council has a complete set of officers. These are Treasurer Nigel Moriarty (EBCC), Secretary Robert Pope (Sacramento), Vice President Kristin Paterson (Sequoia and Peninsula) and me, President Larry Crain (Southern Oregon). Two meetings are held a year, one at WESTPEX and this year, one at SACAPEX.

The Council cooperates with two WSP shows in the region — WESTPEX in April and Filatelic Fiesta in October. Both were successful.

Throughout the year there are seven regional shows with exhibits: NOVAPEX in Redding, SOPEX in Southern Oregon, Nevada Stamp and Cover Show in Reno, WINEPEX in San Rafael, EBCC Show in Walnut Creek, SACAPEX in Sacramento, and PENPEX in Redwood City. These offer local opportunities to buy or sell stamps and to see exhibits. FRESPEX is a bourse without exhibits in Fresno, and well worth attending.

The Council Courier, this newsletter, is a key element of the Council. It is delivered electronically, and each member club is encouraged to forward copies to all its members. It is informative with announcements of events to come and summaries of that which occurred.  Thanks to David McNamee for his editing.

Looking at next year, I hope we can strengthen the organization’s communication with each other. This could be by inviting speakers for club meetings, exhibiting at any of the nine shows in the

Council area and certainly by attending several of them. Volunteers can support the Council on any of its committees: communications, Council Courier, webmaster, speakers, judges, and frames. A few of
these are without chair people. Everyone can volunteer or encourage others to volunteer.

Elections will be held next year at one of the fall shows, TBA. Everyone is invited to attend the meeting on Sunday 28 April 2019 at WESTPEX.

Larry Crain, CNCPS President