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COALPEX a Success After 7-year Pause!

Shown in the picture below (L-R): Bradley, Barbara, David McNamee (COALPEX Exhibits), and Larry. Nancy is the photographer.
Shown in the picture below (L-R): Bradley, Barbara, David McNamee (COALPEX Exhibits), and Larry. Nancy is the photographer.

Thanks to participation and attendance from throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, the Contra Costa Alameda clubs pulled together to bring back swiggy app download COALPEX after a 7-year pause. Last held in 2008, the “hole” in the show schedule was felt by dealers, exhibitors and collectors in the Bay Area.

COALPEX was brought back largely by the extraordinary efforts of Jim Dempsey and the leadership of the Fremont club Past and current Presidents Ken Goss and David Epps. Randy Tuuri and Nigel Moriarty of the East Bay club provided needed show management expertise, and Gayle Hamilton (San Leandro club) and Michael Jordan (Diablo Valley club) were among many volunteers
who helped at the Welcome Table.

COALPEX had been held together for a few years by Charles Kasdorf following the passing of Leonard Holmsten, who had led COALPEX for many years. The resurrected COALPEX for 2015 was pronounced a success by all participants. If you missed this year, place a big red circle on your phone calendar for June 11-12, 2016, so that you don’t miss it!

A special thanks goes out to Southern Oregon’s Larry Crain, Bradley Fritts and Nancy Swan drove from Medford to support COALPEX with their exhibits and participation. Barbara Herbert of the Alameda club worked tirelessly at set-up, take-down and as a guide for our Oregon guests.


President’s Message

Fellow Collectors:
For the second year, the Council members had a successful opportunity to advertise their club information and meet other club members at a designated table WESTPEX 2015. It was an enjoyable opportunity meeting new members. Thank you to all the volunteers.

The council meeting on April 16, 2015 was well attended and we had several interesting subjects to discuss, as you can read from the minutes published in this newsletter.

Congratulation to COALPEX 2015; it is ed miracle reviews thrilling to see it coming back again. I am very sad to report that FRESPEX 2016 will be only a “Bourse” and there will be no competing exhibits.

The Chaloner Award Committee has met and made their recommendation to the Council. The Chaloner Award is the highest recognition for service to philately in our Council. Have a look at the Council web site to see the list of Chaloner recipients going back to Henry Chaloner in 1951. The list shows the past and present people who have worked hard so that all of us in the Council area can enjoy this wonderful hobby. We will announce the 2015 Award in a later issue.

Please consider competing at the single frame WINEPEX 2015 show. This year the Leonard Holmsten Award will be given at the show to the highest scoring exhibit displayed by a Council member. A winning exhibit is an exhibit that has a nice philatelic story that is easy to follow from your title page.

I look forward to seeing you at the next council meeting that will be held during the PENPEX 2016 show on Sunday October 6th at 12:30 PM. Nominations for all council officers position is open and elections will be held at the PENPEX show. Please consider nominating your self or a person from your club. You may contact me if you are interested or if you would like to know about the duties of the council officers.

Please e-mail me at if you have any thoughts or questions that you wish to include at the next council meeting.

Akthem Al-Manaseer,
CNCPS President

2014 Holmsten Award Winner – Mark Woodward

Mark Woodward
Picture courtesy of Winfield Frazeur, So. Oregon P.S.

Mark Woodward of the Redding Stamp Club won the Grand Award at NOVAPEX 2015 in March for his exhibit, The ½p Machin of Great Britain. He also won the Best Exhibit by a Club Member and the Council’s Holmsten Award.

Congratulations Mark!

The Holmsten Award was created by the Council in 2009 to honor the memory of one of the most active and ardent supporters of local philatelic shows in Northern California. The award is a permanent plaque with the recipient’s name and their stamp club and year awarded. The winner can display the plaque at their stamp club meetings until the next winner is announced. Each year the Council designates one of the local philatelic shows in the Council area as the site of the Holmsten Award competition.  The award is given to the highest scoring exhibit displayed by a Council member at the designated show.

In Memory of Bob Rawlins – 1926-2015

capt.rawlinsThe above one-of-a-kind hand-painted cachet by Budd Arrington honors Bob Rawlins.
The cover appears as the lead in the April issue of CoverAge, the newsletter of the USCS USS Saginaw Chapter . Bob passed away on March 30. He was very active in local shows and local philately as well as a national medal winner.

Bob was an avid exhibitor, with collections as far afield as 19th Century Navy mail, rocket mail, submarine mail, polar exploration, the sinking of the USS Maine, and ship cancellations and cachets. He could always be counted on to help a local show find exhibits, to freely share his historical knowledge in his areas of interest.

Bob spent his lifetime in service to others, from graduation from the Naval Academy in 1947, to his many volunteer activities since his retirement from the Navy in 1977. He served the Universal Ship Cancellation Society local chapter in various leadership positions from 1977 until the day before he passed away. For the past 20 years until his death, Bob was also an active volunteer at the Healdsburg Museum. He will be missed by many.

2014 Chaloner Memorial Trophy – Jim Dempsey

Randy Tuuri, 2014 Chaloner Committee Chair Jim Dempsey, 2014 Chaloner Recipient Akthem Al-Manaseer, Council President
Randy Tuuri, 2014 Chaloner Committee Chair
Jim Dempsey, 2014 Chaloner Recipient
Akthem Al-Manaseer, Council President

The look of total surprise on Jim Dempsey’s face was priceless. At the Collectors Club of San Francisco Christmas Dinner meeting, Jim was announced as the 2014 Chaloner Award recipient. The Chaloner Award is presented to philatelists who have made a significant positive contribution to philately in the Council area over a significant time.

The award was presented on behalf of the Council by CNCPS President Akthem Al- Manaseer. Jim joins a select group of philatelists
whose names appear on the permanent plaques of the Chaloner trophy. The full list of recipients is on the Council web site. It reads like a Who’s Who in Council area philately for more than six decades.  Jim and his wife Sue have been long-time supporters of local stamp shows as “anchor dealer” A & D Stamps and Coins and a constant
source of encouragement to collectors that flock to their booth.

Jim is a leader among the stamp dealer community, the designated representative of the trade to the APS, and lately the spark plug that has been essential to resurrect COALPEX from fond memories to reality this next June.

Thanks, Jim, from all of us!

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